Traditional Dance Festival 2017Traditional Dance Festival 2017

When: Sunday 1st to Friday 6th October, 2017 from 10am till late

Where: Ali Curung Community

Contact Judy for further information on (08) 8964 1640

The festival aims to embrace cultural awareness, and to encourage intergenerational learning of Indigenous cultural knowledge through,  music, song and dance.

It also allows non Indigenous visitors to experience bush tucker and  bush medicine, and Indigenous culture first hand.

The Arlpwe Art Gallery will also be open with paintings and on display by leading artists. Visitors can hear talks on culture, bush foods as well as view very interesting displays of paintings and artefacts.

The 2017 Traditional Dance Festival event is held to keep culture strong, and helping with closing the gap between Indigenous and non-Indigenous Australians.

Mark your calendar for one of the biggest events in the Ali Curung year.

  • Come along and see traditional aboriginal dances.
  • Be amazed by the skills on display in the fire making demonstrations and spear throwing competition.
  • Watch local artists at work creating magnificent pieces of aboriginal art.
  • Listen and learn from bush tucker and medicine talks.
  • Enjoy live bands and dance to the beats at the disco.

Other activities will include football kicking, basketball, a hip hop dance for the younger members.

Everyone is welcome so we hope to see you there!

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